MARS Operators Train with UK Army Cadets

Cadets Talk to MARSOn 29 and 30 November, MARS members across the eastern and central US participated in the annual UK Army Cadet exercise “Christmas Cracker.” This two day 31 hour exercise tested the UK Cadet operators’ ability to establish international HF communications with MARS stations located in EUROPE and the United States on a variety of HF frequencies.

Coordination for this exercise was led by Captain David Holman, UK Army and Daniel Wolff, Army MARS EUROPE. On the results of the exercise, Captain Holman offered the following: “Our cadets are not only eager but very grateful for the ability to talk to overseas stations, something they had not done before. Many reported ‘excitement’ at being heard and actually speaking with a MARS Station.”

Captain Holman further elaborated: “The scores indicate the large
number of exchanges (over 1,000) took place over the period of the
exercise and the hard work put in by the cadets and their adults. Special thanks must go to all of the MARS Stations who took part and were always there for us, often the time zone where they were based meant operating at extended times, and their help is very much appreciated.”

HQ Army MARS appreciates the 44 Army and Navy MARS stations who participated in this international exercise. Events like this continue to build international esprit de corps…good job by all who participated!